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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  February 16, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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before we slow bake our breads, we start with real ingredients, like wholesome whole grains or fragrant cinnamon and sun-drenched raisins. enjoy all of our pepperidge farm breads. good is in the details. this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and, baltimore. >> from the city, to the counties, to your neighborhood,
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now it is complete coverage. it is wjz, maryland's news station. >> paul suric sentenced. >> the long time aid to bore urlich learns his fate. >> hello again, i am jessica kartalija. >> and i am don scott. >> here is what people are talking about today, paul suric the long time aid of bob urlich is sentenced, derek valcourt is live downtown with more on what a judge just decided. >> reporter: hi jessica, paul suric will spend one month in home detention, that is a sentenced handed down by the judge to the man who ran bob urlich's campaign for governor. a jury convicted him for his role in authorizing those notorious election night robo calls which went out to 112,000 democrats. those calls suggested there were no need to go vote because
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the dpomp had already won even though the polls had not even been closed yet. in court suric addressed the judge, telling him i am disappointed in myself. it was a consultant's recommendation but my decision. he called it a profound personal failure, saying it ended my career and put my family through hell. i am here to apologize. now the judge told suric that while this was a bad decision he did not consider paul suric in anyway to be a bad man. paul sure isk will also have to spend 500 hours in community service. the judge has order him to divide that community service into the two impacted communities, he will have to 250 hours in baltimore city, 250 in prince george's county, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, interesting, derek, thank you. wjz will have much more on the sentencing today on wjz at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> an unexpected delay in the george huguely murder trial as the defense continues to present its side of the case.
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the uva lacrosse player from chevy chase is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend yeardly love. wjz and adam may are live with more on when this trial will resume. good afternoon. >> reporter: that is a good question, everybody is expecting it rely resume at 12:30 but as we have seen anything is possible. one of his defense attorneys appeared in court and to be honest she did not look well and eventually told the judge they were sick and decided to recess until 12:30 hoping she can feel bert and the defense can continue. yesterday prosecutors wrapped up their side of the case with dramatic testimony from a slew of uva lacrosse players, these are teammates of huguely's who claim he was intoxicated, irritated with his father over a graduation gift. the day that yeardly love died they even testified he lied
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about his whereabouts at the time of her death. prosecutors contend she died of blunt trauma force, the result of a beating by huguely, the defense put their own experts on the stand yesterday and they will continue today. they say she did not die from blunt force trauma, their medical experts hired by the defense and paid thousands of dollars are claiming she suffocated in her own pillow after she was intoxicated herself and one of the experts for the defense claims that yeardly love was so intoxicated at the time of her death she was unbalanced, seemed to be implying she could have fallen and the death could have been an accident. what is at issue is whether or not he is going to get off, it is what charges he will be convicted of. the prosecution is going for first degree murder, they need to prove premeditation and he will be sentenced to life in prison. the defense is trying to paint this as accidental death and
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trying to go for a manslaughter conviction which could result in a steps of 10 years or less. we will let you know if the defense is going to get their case moving on today. don, the latest from charlottesville, back to you. >> stay with us as this murder trial continues. when it does we will bring you the latest from the courtroom both on air and on line at >> a fire rips through an apartment building killing one and sends others to the hospital. it broke out on the 16th floor. officials say it may have started after someone left food cooking on the stove. still no word on the identity of the man who died. >> crews are still working to restore power in baltimore city. crews have been working for days there. it is still a case of turning off the gas in each house, it is hoped things will be back to normal by tomorrow night. >> a cool rainy day here.
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let's take a live look outside. the clouds are out. no sunshine in sight. so will things breath in up today? >> meteorologists tim williams and marty bass has your first warning weather forecast. let's begin with tim. >> good afternoon, every one. we are looking at rain moving across the region, we always say there is going to be a transition, the key is here you are not shoveling rain off your car. we are looking at rain moving across the region and it is going to be with us through the afternoon and evening. some of the heavier bands west of washington. lighter bands around the beltway will impact your travel around most of the ar but most of this rain is light. there are breaks around finksburg and west of the city so there are breaks through the afternoon but some of these bands are steady. you don't see a lot of reds, yellows and brighter colors right in our immediate area, so they are not very intense storms in this. but they are going to move on through. now, this is one system we watch. it moves out by tomorrow. then we have our eye on something as marty and i have
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talked about many times, just in time for president's day, marty, take it away -- >> -- doesn't it? and listen to us folks. we are not saying anything big winter wise is doing to happen here on sunday. i am already starting to get facebook messages. i am going to tell you right now anybody with any credibility is giving snow fall totals. you take it what it is. right now there is no way, no how we could tell you that, plus or minus. there is an area of clouds over california that is going to follow the jet stream to the coast. there is going to be moisture starting to run up the eastern seaboard on sunday. sunday may be a very you know problematic day. we are call fink ing for a high of 40. problem is sunday night is the low and it will become one gets offshore it is going to yank this cold air so we are going
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to get a couple of hours of snow. meteorologist tim williams will discuss the weekend in our first warning weather segment. now back over to you. >> the debate over the same sex marriage bill is heading to the floor in annapolis. ron matz has more on it. >> reporter: hi, don, yesterday supporters decided to lay over the bill, potentially bringing it up tonight. it will take 71 votes to pass. a pair of house panels approved the bill to be sent to a full vote on tuesday and a final vote is expected friday. a similar bill died in the house last year. if the house and the state senate both sign off on the bill maryland could become the 8th state to legalize same sex marriage. don, back to you. >> on monday washington state's governor signed legislation making the evergreen state the 7th state to legalize same sex
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marriage long with the district of columbia. >> fans of whitney houston are happy they are going to be able to watch her funeral service. it was originally going to be private. now the memorial will be broadcast over the internet. randall pinkston reports for wjz from outside the church in newark, new jersey. >> reporter: fans snapped pictures at the shrine outside the church where whitney houston's church will be held, many are thankful they will be able to see her final send off. >> she gave lots to people but what she needs in life is a privilege to pay our respects to her. >> the family decided to stream the service live over the internet. >> i think it is very good for the public to see it. >> officials at the baptist church are hammering out the arrangements with the police department for saturday's services. they are discussing how to handle the crowds and the vips expected to attend. the church can seat 1500
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people. among the invitees aretha franklin, who may sing. the superstar was found dead in her beverly hills hotel room on saturday. investigators have subpoenaed records from houston's doctors and pharmacys to figure out whether prescription drugs found in the hotel room contributed to her death. but fans are focused on her life, not her death. >> she is part of us. you see she is back here, she is back home, she is back here with us. >> they are getting ready to say goodbye to one of their own. randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. >> grammy winning gospel singer and pastor marvin winans will deliver houston's eulogy. >> still to come on wjz's eyewitness news at noon a deadly bus crash, school bus crash up in new jeers new jersey, how many dies and how many injured. >> what the state of unemployment is in this
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country. >> stick around, yo complete first warning weather forecast is still coming up. >> complete coverage continues with don scott, jessica kartalija, and first warning weather with marty bass and meteorologist tim lliams. it is wjz, maryland's news [ clanking ]
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oneperson is dead, others injured after a school bus and a dump truck collide in new jersey.
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it happened just after 8:00 this morning in chesterfield. that is northeast of philadelphia. reports say besides the fatality, nearly two dozen others including some children from the bus are hurt but it is not known how seriously at this hour, police have not yet determined who was at fault. >> the job market appears to be improving as the number of jobless claims fall to a 4 year low, the labor department says applications dropped. experts say many employers are shifting from firing to hiring. unemployment benefits however are expected to be extended when congress votes to extend the payroll tax likely in the next few days. >> and let's take another live look outside this noon as we have rain here in baltimore city and everybody is wondering about the president's day weekend. your full first warning weather forecast now just two and a half minutes away. >> first here is a look at today's midday stocks and last night's winning lottery numbers. [ cellphone rings ] hey honey!
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from the telephones, going up to about 40 degrees. >> it is going to wash all that salt away, too, right? >> yeah, it sure will. the key is we are starting to watch a system developing in two parts for the weekend and we will walk you through it but we are not throwing up the red flags just yet nor are we throwing up the white flags and saying oh no, with surrender. >> no flags. >> no flags. this is with us through the evening. there are heavier bands but you can see there are breaks with this, while we see the rain moving through we get a break heading into the rush hour, most of thsystem will be gone. right now 45 so the temperature still mild, 75% humidity, a southeast wind bringing in the milder air at 3 miles per hour, 30.19 is the barometer, 41 oaklands and haggerstown, 46 on the shore, pax river and dc, immediate petro area mid-40s,
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41 westminster, 46 kent island and annapolis. that southeast wind is continuing to bring in that milder air. we are going to see that mild air pretty much around the entire region. the system that we are watching is coming in in two parts, a forming system around the gulf. actually that was part of a low pressure system that moved in in southern california and the northern tier of the jet is going to bring in cold air. what that is going to do after this system is long gone is bring clearing for tomorrow. the next one moves in on sunday, by sunday afternoon and evening we will have a better idea of how that is going to play out. in the meantime it is a matter of how close the low pressure tracks to the coastline. if it comes close we see snow, farther out we see rain or maybe hardly anything at all. our sunset today at 5:45 small
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crafted craft advisory in effect. tonight 36, otherwise mostly cloudy after the showers then tomorrow, 54 degrees, breezy with some clouds, could be sunshine heading into saturday and marty will take about sunday in a moment. >> coming up experts you can talk to about women's heart health. >> first we are always on, here are the top stories at this ,,,,
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february is american heart month and although heart disease is a common problem for men, more women are dying from it every year. there are however ways that can decrease the risk and mary bubala is live as we ask the experts good afternoon. >> good afternoon. we are joined by a cardiologist with med star union memorial hospital. thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure -- >> we are talking about the difference between men and women in heart disease. what are the big differences? >> well, women tend to present differently with heart attacks than men. men often have a lot of chest pain with a heart attack and women may not have any chest pain at all -- >> so what are the symptoms then? >> severe shortness of breath, maybe pain in the arm or the jaw or the neck, profound fatigue, sweating. those are the signs you want to look out for. >> why are they so different. >> men and women are different
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on all levels including how they present with heart disease. >> how can it be prevented? what should women do? >> the risk factors are those, heart disease is preventible, now your blood pressure and cholesterol, make sure your exercise, maintain an appropriate weight, don't smoke and see a doctor if you have worries and symptoms doctor thank you so much. we have a bunch of people that want to take you calls so please call that number. if you have any questions call 410-466-1313. back to you don. >> thank you, that number is available all afternoon long. >> -- with us, your five-day- forecast is coming up next. ,,,
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all right. welcome back to eyewitness news at noon. your five-day-forecast, on this little bump in the road son we are looking pretty good, saturday night 5 above freezing, sunday night eight above freezing. if there is an issue it is sunday night but paved surfaces should not have a dramatic impact. we will watch it for you through the weekend. don, take it away. >> marty, thank you, don't miss the primetime line up and eyewitness news at 11:00. >> stay with us when we will
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have breaking news to paul suric's sentence in the robo call trial and new developments in the whitney houston death and how fans can be part of her funeral. join us for this after dr. phil. >> thanks for watching us, i am jessica kartalija. >> i am don scott. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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